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Wall Mount Magazine
15 - 7oz Can Dispenser

Twin Pack
2 - 7oz Can Box

BIO MED WASH® Emergency First Aid Wash

The magazine is Life Saving, fast dispensing, and the only device of its invention on the market.

During a Fire or Explosion in a multi-story building, the elevators automatically stop working.

Making only the windows or the staircase the route of escape.

Not one person would stand in front of a 15 minute eye wash station during such an emergency.

Placement of one or multiple of our low cost lifesaving 15 can eyewash magazines, in each stairwell would provide relief from Heat, Smoke and Toxic Fumes, during the persons escape.

There is simply no other such device on the market.

Our 15 can magazines, part #47096, are currently installed in many government and private multi-story buildings, literally thousands of such buildings do not currently provide explosion and fire relief from Bio Med Wash making our best product introduction to the industry, your priority.

Normally we can ship any amount of our magazines in 14 days.

Also available is a two bottle personal eyewash stations, part #47085, for situations that require special attention to eye hazards where seconds can make a difference when an eye wash is needed. Personal EyeWash Station with Mirror are IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP

3oz BMW w/holster

7oz Single Wall or Truck Mount

Soft Side 12 or 15 packs

Personal EyeWash Station with Mirror

All of our Bio Med Wash Products are available from our distributor
First Aid Marketing Group:
Phone # 614-873-1000
Website: famg-us.com


Randy Kieling