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A decade of research has revealed Bio Med Wash® the most effective and safe first aid wash for skin and eyes.


First aid wash for skin:
Spray BIO MED WASH in copious amounts (use as much as needed; do not worry about over-applying) on and around affected area to wash away dirt, blood, and chemical irritants, soften crusted exudates, and loosen debris. Use a sterile pad to remove softened material. A barrier moisturizing ointment with or without antibiotics may then be used on the clean wound.

Eye irrigation:
BIO MED WASH can be used in an emergency to irrigate eyes. To apply, hold the lid of the affected eye open with fingers and, from 8 to 12 inches away, aim water directly at eye. Continue until the eye floods and irritants are washed out. If solid particles remain, cover with a sterile pad and seek medical assistance. Safe for eyes and internal mucous membranes.

Amount: As much as necessary to accomplish objectives.

Use as often as desired.

Randy Kieling